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MakeDC Public Interest Design



MakeDC is a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), a new type of business enterprise, one that voluntarily meets higher standards of corporate purpose. As a B Corp, we focus on the triple bottom line of social impact, environmental sustainability, and financial stability. Read our 2014 Annual Benefit Report.




Architectural Design


Interior Design


Landscape Design


Small Structures & Installations


Product & Industrial Design


Graphic & Web Design


Organizational Branding




Many community and nonprofit groups cannot afford professional design services. MakeDC offers a range of fee structures, and we help clients find the resources they need through grants, crowdfunding, and other means. In addition, we are a member of Public Architecture's 1% Program and committed to doing pro bono work whenever possible.


Are you interested in learning more about our discounted or subsidized design services? Click here to contact us about your project.

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