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MakeDC Public Interest Design



To connect people with design solutions that address social, economic, and environmental issues.


Historically, the power of design has only been available to those who can afford it, and thus largely been unattainable by the vast majority of the world’s population. But these are the same people who need design the most. We provide solutions for this overlooked population by tackling the problems they face every day.


As Washington, D.C., grows and matures, both city officials and the city's residents are beginning to understand how good design can have a significant public impact and help address a range of issues, whether small or large, old or new. MakeDC hopes to help speed up this process by assisting local nonprofits and other groups, communities and individuals, socially and environmentally minded startups, and others as they work to make the D.C. region a better place.




• Design a better city for every person.​


• Preserve and restore our natural environment.


• Empower everyone to MakeDC a better city through design.




The end user is at the center of MakeDC's design process, enabling us to rapidly evolve, test, and prototype our designs to create inclusive, accessible, and innovative solutions.

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